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How to stay healthy with a hectic schedule and travel by Giulia Health & Fitness Blog 

How to stay healthy with a hectic schedule and travel by Giulia

Hi everyone, my name is Giulia Lupetti, I’m an Italian model and actress, and I support Skip It Community.

I’ve been modelling since I was 15 years old, and I’ve been traveling all over the world thanks to my work. As you can imagine working as a model is not just about being skinny, but also trained and healthy. To keep my shape, I used to have good habits cause the body is the most important thing we have and we need to keep it healthy and in good shape until the end of our days. Traveling is very nice, but make things more difficult, cause when you travel, you go in places with different life style, food, water, habits.

Today I want to let you know what I use to do for living an healthy, shaping and traveler life. First of all, when I’m in Italy, I wake up always early in the morning and the first thing I do is drink a cup of hot water with half lemon squeeze inside, and this habit I use to do everywhere I go, cause lemon and hot water are easy to find everywhere but first of all cause is very important to drink lemon and water in the morning it helps the body to detox and make the metabolism more faster. Usually I drink a coffee, I know that is not a very good habit, but I’m Italian and I can’t wake up without. For breakfast in Italy I have an orange juice and a no lactose yogurt with some fruit, banana or an apple, sometime pineapple, the fact why I choose a no lactose yogurt is cause I’m intolerant to lactose.

When I’m traveling I try to have the same breakfast but sometimes I like also to change so I have turkey bacon with eggs and whole wheat bread. During my all day I drink minimum 2 liters of water and I take some integrator such as chlorophyll, cause it helps me a lot during the day to have energy, I take also papaya pills and B12 vitamin, those integrator are very important cause are natural and help the body to get inside vitamins that we don’t get from food sometimes. For lunch if I’m in Italy I eat a plate of turkey with eggs, or a plate of pasta with tomato, otherwise I love to have salad, and I mix sometimes with turkey or tuna, and green salad kale and avocado whom I love. For dinner I have fish usually, I love seafood, and it is very helpful for Omega3 and for the memory. Usually I try to avoid meat, and I don’t eat pork at all, for the fish I love every kind of fish. I avoid also fried dishes and chips, I prefer potatoes baked.

I try to go to the gym everyday if I can’t I just do some simple exercise at home or everywhere I can, it is important to keep training cause help not only the body but also for the stress, and for jet leg too. I know that in some times during the year we feel more starving, for those times I use to eat carrots or salad when I feel like this cause it help me a lot. I hope that my diet is gonna be helpful for all of you . Lot of love, Giulia

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