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How to stay consistent with Health & Exercise

Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle and I’ve worked night shifts for the last two years and throughout my thirteen year career in law enforcement. It’s hard to stay consistent and eat healthy working through the night. There aren’t decent restaurants to eat at and most people crave sugar and caffeine to get them through the night. This has been difficult for me to combat and at times I do make poor choices. However, for the most part, it’s still possible to eat healthy and get to the gym with a crazy schedule.

I got into bodybuilding a few years ago. Doing shows taught me a lot about food choices. I never ate a lot of protein or meat before doing shows. I love pasta and bread! To slim down I began eating more lean meats and vegetables. I don’t drink my calories, meaning I don’t drink sodas, alcohol, or sugary drinks because I rather eat something sweet! I learned to drink more water as well. To lean out, six small meals a day with limited carbs worked very well for me. When I’m not prepping for shows, I can still make healthy choices at late night restaurants. I’ll eat eggs, turkey bacon, salads, chicken and vegetables, etc.

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I’m a CrossFit fan and have been doing it for over five years. I found that if I’m not attending a class where I need to push myself… I won’t! That’s what I love about CrossFit. I like the competitive atmosphere, the comradery, and the challenge of the workouts. To lean out, I’ll do more cardio (StairMaster and running). I make small goals and when I reach them, I set new ones. There’s always room for improvement with CrossFit and fitness in general to better ourselves.

Overall, I try to eat healthy while being strong and fit. My fitness ability is important for my career as a police officer and can actually save mine or another person’s life. I don’t take that lightly! Foot chases, fist fights, pulling people from cars, CPR for minutes… I’ve done it. Each time I was glad I put effort into being fit and continue to realize just how important fitness is for police officers. I preach to my agency the importance of a healthy diet and exercise. I also teach defensive tactics to academy recruits and incorporate fitness as well. If you see me out there, don’t be afraid to say hi!

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