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Kamilas modest & insightful health advice

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Hello! My name is Kamila and I am very happy to share my healthy lifestyle and workout routine for ‘skip it community’. I have a master degree in psychology, and I am also a certified personal trainer. Fitness and helping others is my passion. Having a perfect balance between body and mind is very important to me. Working out, eating right and living my life to the fullest is my lifestyle!



Concerning my eating habits: I do not count my calories however I try to have a balanced diet and also, watch my portions. Allow me to give you some tips that I apply in my every day life:

• To function properly, our body needs water, remember to stay hydrated. I drink 2l per day, but this may vary from person to person. Important, avoid sodas and alcohol, they are full of sugar!

• Pay attention to refined sugar! The problem is that a lot of the food we eat contain refined sugar and most people don’t know it. This is why you should avoid eating processed meals, containing way too much sugars, too much salt, fats and additives.

• Choose whole foods. They contain more vitamins, minerals and fibers.

• Prepare your own meals. I know it is not always easy ‘cause sometimes we lack time to cook, in fact, it is just a matter of organization. For example, on Sundays, try to prepare food, for at least the next 3 days and store it in the fridge. You’ll just have to warm it up and you will not be tempted to go the unhealthy way.

• Always have healthy snacks in your bag such as fruits, nuts, veggies and hummus….cause when you are hungry and have nothing to eat on your way, a vendor machine might smile at you and you’ll end up buying a chocolate bar 🙂

Talking about chocolate: I have to confess, I am a ‘chocoholic’, …ahaha. I choose quality dark chocolate (minimum 70 % cocoa). When you buy chocolate, check the ingredients.
If the first ingredient is cocoa paste, then it’s all good, but if the first one is sugar, pick another one.

So as you have noticed, I try to make healthy choices. From time to time I have a cheat meal and it is okay to indulge yourself. Restriction leeds to frustration and that’s not good. Bottom line, it’s all about balance.


Let’s talk about fitness: When you read the definition of « fitness » in the dictionary they define it as « The condition of being physically fit and healthy ». What I want to say is that we don’t ask you to be a top athlete but to stay active, whatever you do: walking, hiking, gardening, dancing… MOVE!

Now something about my workout routine: I train 4 to 5 times a week (lifting weights, cardio, cross training), and insert 2 rest days for body recuperation. Everyone should adapt to his own rhythm to avoid over-training! Keep in mind that rest days are important, they make you actually stronger!

We all know that sometimes during our fitness journey we can get discouraged. We have our ups and downs and yes, lack of motivation. To avoid that situation, change your workout routine, go outdoors, do group training, find yourself a fitness buddy…spend a little bit on a new sports outfit 😉


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