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At Skip It Community we hope to encourage people to cut back from indulgence from time to time. This way you can not only live a healthier lifestyle but also pause for thought and spend that monetary value on a hungry child. We want to be able to bring real value to what you choose to do as an individual so that it is not just an instantaneous whim. You ‘skip’ indulgence and make use of the vast free information on nutrition and healthy lifestyle blogs we provide. We hope that we can be a service for you for long lasting health. You can avoid that dessert at a restaurant, that second cappuccino that morning or that extra glass of wine with a friend. How amazing would it be if you then spent that monetary value for a good cause? Not only do you stay healthy you actually feed a hungry child on the other side of the world. That is powerful!


A solid average cost for a large coffee, slice of cake or alcoholic beverage is around £3.00 and this would provide five nutritious meals to a child (1 meal Monday – Friday). Albeit you are welcome to donate any value you would like and 1 meal for a child through our programmes is £0.6.


At present we update our fellow ‘skippers’ and donors with a monthly email updating them on the great work the Skip It team and you as supporters have achieved. We are working on a plan for solid connection with the supported child whereby you ‘Skip’ a treat, donate, and then within 24 hours you receive a thankyou from a child in the food programme. Until then thankyou for all of your support and we hope you enjoy the Skip It Community and learn something positive and new everytime you visit via our blogs.

Best Wishes

David Chorlton


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