Kamilas modest & insightful health advice Health & Fitness Blog 

Kamilas modest & insightful health advice

Instagram: kamila_fitness24.7 Hello! My name is Kamila and I am very happy to share my healthy lifestyle and workout routine for ‘skip it community’. I have a master degree in psychology, and I am also a certified personal trainer. Fitness and helping others is my passion. Having a perfect balance between body and mind is very important to me. Working out, eating right and living my life to the fullest is my lifestyle! NUTRITION Concerning my eating habits: I do not count my calories however I try to have a…

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Melanie Gonzalez 10 Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle Health & Fitness Blog 

Melanie Gonzalez 10 Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

Hello everyone! How are you today? I have been asked to write a piece about healthy lifestyles and to be honest, I think I could talk about this all day long! Let me start by saying a bit about myself, because for many years my lifestyle was anything but healthy. As a teenager I was morbidly obese, my diet was full of unhealthy, processed food and I would reach out to grab anything to eat. I had no idea about nutrition and would take the quick and easy food on…

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At Skip It Community we hope to encourage people to cut back from indulgence from time to time. This way you can not only live a healthier lifestyle but also pause for thought and spend that monetary value on a hungry child. We want to be able to bring real value to what you choose to do as an individual so that it is not just an instantaneous whim. You ‘skip’ indulgence and make use of the vast free information on nutrition and healthy lifestyle blogs we provide. We hope…

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Sian Kennedy Nutrition Goal Setting Health & Fitness Blog 

Sian Kennedy Nutrition Goal Setting

Goal & Effort Setting formula Goal:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Importance of achieve your goal: __/10 Days to achieve goal _____ (a) Effort you are willing to give:____ % (b) Days that you know you won’t stick to plan (eg. Weekends/birthdays):____ (c) Formula = (c) _____/ (a)_______ X100=___% (d) (b)_____ – (d) ________ =____% (e) You want to lose (f)____kg in (a) _____days…. But you’re only putting in (e) ______% (e)____/ 100 x (f)_____ = _____ kg This is a more realistic goal for you to achieve 🙂 This gives you a more realistic…

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Sian Kennedy Nutrition Facts and Mythbusting Health & Fitness Blog 

Sian Kennedy Nutrition Facts and Mythbusting

Alternatively you can watch this writeup via video at; https://youtu.be/g0rYPM_se0A Hey there! My name is Sian (pronounced Sharn) and I am a qualified nutritionist specialising in weight loss, muscle gain and digestive/gut health. I truly believe that our nutrition, mental health, and exercise are the KEY factors in living a long and happy healthy life! Here, I will explain some basic nutrition principles, and bust some nutrition myths. WHAT IS A NUTRITIONIST As a nutritionist, I take a full health history, talk about what your goals are and use body…

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Personal Trainer Maria discusses nutrition. Health & Fitness Blog 

Personal Trainer Maria discusses nutrition.

Hey guys! My name is Maria and I am a personal trainer in Myrtle Beach, SC, USA. I am happy to write a post with my nutrition tips and recommendations for a Skip It Community! As you have probably heard before, people that follow a healthy diet and manage to stay in a good form, have about 5 meals a day; therefore, they eat every few hours. These 5 meals include Breakfast, Mid-morning snack, Lunch, Afternoon snack, and Dinner. Each one of them has the power to keep your metabolism…

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Healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle Health & Fitness Blog 

Healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle

Hello fellow supporters of SkipItCommunity! My name is Ivy and I am currently an associate Nutritionist from Australia. I have been given the lovely opportunity, to talk to you about some of my nutritional tips. I can tell you all the nutritional advices in the world and workout exactly how much you need to consume and workout in order to reach a healthy BMI or build your dream physique. But let’s face it; there are plenty of health experts ready for hire, free advices from health coaches and gurus on…

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Patrice Timis week on food and exercise Health & Fitness Blog 

Patrice Timis week on food and exercise

Hey guys, I’m Patrice, I’m lucky enough to write an article for Skip It on how I maintain my healthy lifestyle through my diet and training. Instagram: patrice_timis Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a constant learning process, you’re always learning new things that work for yourself and your body. It’s very important to acknowledge that what works for someone else might not work for you. The first step which is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to accept your body and appreciate its ability and strength, because you’d be…

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What To Do When You Overindulge For the Holidays by Rosie Acosta Health & Fitness Blog 

What To Do When You Overindulge For the Holidays by Rosie Acosta

Rosie Acosta, Yoga, Health & Wellness coach www.radicallyloved.com The holidays are all about family, friends, delicious food and we often find the need to indulge. To help us with eating one too many causing an upset stomach see my natural remedies to help you get back to your best once the holiday season has finished. Our digestive system is paramount to our health as it is made up of numerous organs working as a team to process the nutrients and food that we eat. If our digestive system isn’t working…

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5 Reasons To Start a Yoga Practice by Zoe Woodward Health & Fitness Blog 

5 Reasons To Start a Yoga Practice by Zoe Woodward

5 reasons to start a yoga practice Zoe Woodward: Yoga Teacher Instagram: @alohaandcoffee Website: www.alohaandcoffee.com I practice yoga daily, it’s a choice I made a while ago, it’s my one non-negotiable every day. It’s my chance to shut everything else out and to be present on my mat. A 10 minute stretch or a 60 minute sweaty flow, no time is too long or too short. It’s about listening to your body and moving in the way it wants to go. I’m often asked why I practice yoga over other…

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