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Meditation by Naz Gharai

Silence Is Golden

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I got into my spirituality roughly about 3 years ago, I always thought I was meditating correctly. Well, I guess there is no clear difference between a “wrong” or “right” way to meditate, people who paint can be meditating, and the person sitting quietly can also be meditating. For me, I was doing guided meditations, and was finding it difficult to meditate without them. Then I was given the great opportunity to head to Vipassana, a 10-day silent meditation retreat.

Now, a little about myself, I am an extreme extrovert. I love communicating, in all forms, and I just signed up to go be silent for 10 days! What the hell was I thinking, I thought. But, what really pushed me to do it is that lovely saying which is, you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Those moments of being uncomfortable to me is where you grow and learn so much about yourself.

So, day one began, they told me where to sleep and what the next few days will look like, oh and silence begins then. That means no form of communication, not even writing. We were not allowed to bring books, we couldn’t write, we were not allowed to have our phones. Completely with ourselves and our thoughts, no distractions.

The first 4/5 days I found it hard to quiet my mind, to sit down for a long period of time, to just not talk! But, after that it became a routine and flow, you begin to flow with everything around you and begin to master your mind, not have your mind master you. The 11th, and last day we were able to speak, it was so fascinating to see the labels or judgements you thought of people were completely wrong the moment words could be spoken. Those 10 days really put a lot into perspective for me, I was able to see what thoughts repeated over and over, I was able to see how restless I can be, and how much my mind consumed me. By the end, I was able to quiet the mind completely, feel an inner peace, and really go about my days with no judgement but acceptance. I encourage everyone to put themselves in moments like these, you get to learn about yourself from the inside out.

You  finally shine light on your “ego.” Now I truly understand where the saying, “Silence is Golden” came from.


-Naz Gharai

(L.A based actress, model, philanthropist).

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