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5 things you MUST do TODAY to get fit, and lose weight. Hi everyone, my name is Anat Rofeh, I am registered dietitian in Beverly Hills. For over 15 years I have been working to inspire, motivate and educate people to achieve optimal health through permanent lifestyle changes. My passion lies in wellness and disease prevention. I believe that each of us deserves to be healthy and has the ability to achieve it – with awareness and desire we learn to take care of our bodies. 5 things you MUST…

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How to stay healthy with a hectic schedule and travel by Giulia Health & Fitness Blog 

How to stay healthy with a hectic schedule and travel by Giulia

Hi everyone, my name is Giulia Lupetti, I’m an Italian model and actress, and I support Skip It Community. I’ve been modelling since I was 15 years old, and I’ve been traveling all over the world thanks to my work. As you can imagine working as a model is not just about being skinny, but also trained and healthy. To keep my shape, I used to have good habits cause the body is the most important thing we have and we need to keep it healthy and in good shape…

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Happiness Is Key Health & Fitness Blog 

Happiness Is Key

Happiness is Key by Cassie Valastro Instagram: @cassie_valastro I dropped out of school and had a baby when I was 17. Nobody ever expected I would go on to complete a university degree, become a successful model, TV Presenter and Business women. Especially not after having my second daughter. I had just turned 23 and I was left on my own with two kids. Parenting whether there is one or two of you, is never easy. There’s no book to tell you how it’s done – no rule book explaining…

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How to stay consistent with Health & Exercise Health & Fitness Blog 

How to stay consistent with Health & Exercise

Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle and I’ve worked night shifts for the last two years and throughout my thirteen year career in law enforcement. It’s hard to stay consistent and eat healthy working through the night. There aren’t decent restaurants to eat at and most people crave sugar and caffeine to get them through the night. This has been difficult for me to combat and at times I do make poor choices. However, for the most part, it’s still possible to eat healthy and get to the gym with…

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A Day of Meals with Healthy with Nedi Health & Fitness Blog 

A Day of Meals with Healthy with Nedi

My diet consists of a lot of vegetables, fruits (usually only in the morning, on an empty stomach), wild caught seafood, organic chicken, grass-fed beef, and legumes. I do eat whole grains, but keep it minimal as I prefer to fill up on fiber rich foods like broccoli, cauliflower, lentils, beans, berries, GG fiber crackers etc. Over the years I have found that this works for me best, however everybody is different and what works for me may not work for you. You have to listen to your body and…

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Kamilas modest & insightful health advice Health & Fitness Blog 

Kamilas modest & insightful health advice

Instagram: kamila_fitness24.7 Hello! My name is Kamila and I am very happy to share my healthy lifestyle and workout routine for ‘skip it community’. I have a master degree in psychology, and I am also a certified personal trainer. Fitness and helping others is my passion. Having a perfect balance between body and mind is very important to me. Working out, eating right and living my life to the fullest is my lifestyle! NUTRITION Concerning my eating habits: I do not count my calories however I try to have a…

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Melanie Gonzalez 10 Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle Health & Fitness Blog 

Melanie Gonzalez 10 Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

Hello everyone! How are you today? I have been asked to write a piece about healthy lifestyles and to be honest, I think I could talk about this all day long! Let me start by saying a bit about myself, because for many years my lifestyle was anything but healthy. As a teenager I was morbidly obese, my diet was full of unhealthy, processed food and I would reach out to grab anything to eat. I had no idea about nutrition and would take the quick and easy food on…

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At Skip It Community we hope to encourage people to cut back from indulgence from time to time. This way you can not only live a healthier lifestyle but also pause for thought and spend that monetary value on a hungry child. We want to be able to bring real value to what you choose to do as an individual so that it is not just an instantaneous whim. You ‘skip’ indulgence and make use of the vast free information on nutrition and healthy lifestyle blogs we provide. We hope…

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Sian Kennedy Nutrition Goal Setting Health & Fitness Blog 

Sian Kennedy Nutrition Goal Setting

Goal & Effort Setting formula Goal:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Importance of achieve your goal: __/10 Days to achieve goal _____ (a) Effort you are willing to give:____ % (b) Days that you know you won’t stick to plan (eg. Weekends/birthdays):____ (c) Formula = (c) _____/ (a)_______ X100=___% (d) (b)_____ – (d) ________ =____% (e) You want to lose (f)____kg in (a) _____days…. But you’re only putting in (e) ______% (e)____/ 100 x (f)_____ = _____ kg This is a more realistic goal for you to achieve 🙂 This gives you a more realistic…

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Sian Kennedy Nutrition Facts and Mythbusting Health & Fitness Blog 

Sian Kennedy Nutrition Facts and Mythbusting

Alternatively you can watch this writeup via video at; Hey there! My name is Sian (pronounced Sharn) and I am a qualified nutritionist specialising in weight loss, muscle gain and digestive/gut health. I truly believe that our nutrition, mental health, and exercise are the KEY factors in living a long and happy healthy life! Here, I will explain some basic nutrition principles, and bust some nutrition myths. WHAT IS A NUTRITIONIST As a nutritionist, I take a full health history, talk about what your goals are and use body…

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