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SKIP IT COMMUNITY was setup by a group of volunteers working to raise funding and awareness for the health and well being of children around the world starting with communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Pakistan.

The concept is simple: ‘Pause before you indulge and skip a treat to help another’.

Skip a beer, glass of wine, cup of coffee, slice of cake or a treat to make yourself healthier and donate the value of that item to SKIP IT which will help a child in need. Money raised via this platform is equally divided between each community. The founders of Skip It Community are directly involved with the communities and can ensure that every penny raised goes exactly where the children need it the most.

For further information on our primary charity partner based in Italy please see fondazionecariellocorbino and for our UK charity partner please see the Al Masoom Trust .

Please also visit our Health & Fitness blog for free advice on health & nutrition to accompany your ‘skips’.


Rawalpindi, Pakistan food programme



  • £3.00 will feed a child one nutritious meal per day (£0.6 per meal on average) Monday-Friday.
  • At St Josephs School, Rawalpindi children (aged 3-12 years) are malnourished and your donation will feed a child one nutritious meal per day which will go a long way when combined with the small amount of food that their family can feed them.
  • The meals will be fed to the children at the school for their lunch. Sadly the children are struggling to learn due to malnourishment. Your kind donation will not only help the children become healthier it will also dramatically contribute to their education.
  • The meal will consist of fruit, eggs, bread and a glass of milk on most occasions or food of the equivalent nutritional value on other occasions.

The well being project for orphans and the community in village Rumangabo DR Congo



  • Money towards the Eastern DR Congo will go towards creating a new safe and hygienic home for vulnerable children.


  • Updates and further information about our projects are on our blog. If we receive less money than we need in a particular month then we will work with our private funders and organisations on the ground to ensure that on this rare occasion we can fulfil our monthly objective.For more information please contact us on;skipitcommunity@outlook.comFollow us on; 

    Instagram skipitcommunity

    Facebook SKIPITcommunity


    And follow our blogs for more in depth information.


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    The SKIP IT team.


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