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The Food Industry Today & 12 Food Rules You Should Follow   By Kimberly Parsons Health & Fitness Blog 

The Food Industry Today & 12 Food Rules You Should Follow By Kimberly Parsons

The Food Industry Today & 12 Food Rules You Should Follow By Kimberly Parsons Kimberly Parsons author of ‘The Yoga Kitchen’ website: This article isn’t about overwhelming you with more confusing and contradicting rules about food and nutrition. The fight isn’t about whether we eat meat or not, or whether we follow a raw, vegan or gluten-free diet. In my opinion the battle ends when we stop shovelling processed, packaged, chemical laden foods into our bodies, start feeding ourselves with real food and tuning into what our bodies really…

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Raquel Gonzalez Healthy Lifestyle Tips Health & Fitness Blog 

Raquel Gonzalez Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Hola, I am Raquel, I had the pleasure to collaborate with Skip It Community and I would like to share my top tips for a healthy lifestyle. website: Instagram: raquelgonzalez_trainer 1. I think that we must not become obsessed, just know your body. Watch your carbohydrate complex of good quality(rice,sweet potato, potato,,)always in small quantities (never remove them) 2. Eliminates the added sugar in your diet. 3. Avoid eating processed products. 4. Monitors the sodium (salt), retains liquid. 5. Drink lots of water, on all out of your meals…

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Darren Smith Marathon Dedication Health & Fitness Blog 

Darren Smith Marathon Dedication

The Portland Coastal Marathon Thankyou to Skip It Community for letting me share a story of mine. In May 2017 I would have been running for 5 years and I came into this very late. I couldn’t run, you see. I had broken my knee at university and fractured the ankle on the same side in multiple places which effectively meant I limped around in the winter and all year around suffered from shin splints when walking faster than my normal pace. I guess with all that it makes running…

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Grace McDonald  K2 Mountain Health & Fitness Blog 

Grace McDonald K2 Mountain

Picture: Grace McDonald on Spantik in Pakistan (Credit: Brad Jackson) These days I’m known as Mountain Climb Grace – a Canadian woman who has had great success climbing the worlds 8000m mountains – the highest mountains on earth. Follow along on Instagram @mountainclimbgrace or on Facebook at I wasn’t born a mountaineer and I didn’t grow up climbing; but I did get National Geographic magazines and I was fascinated by the mountains. I knew one day I would have to go and just see Mount Everest for myself. In…

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Hi dear all! I am Miriam Jimenez, Personal trainer and owner of Miss Personal Trainer blog, where normally you can find tips, advice and fitness experiences to get motivated about a healthy happy life. I got the pleasure to collaborate with “SKIP IT COMMUNITY” bringing some nutritional tips about how to avoid unhealthy sugar with tasty and healthy alternative options to your diet instead . So find out below!     1.Breakfast First All we know that the first meal of the day is breakfast and how important is to…

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