Congo News Community Blog 

Congo News

News from our project in the DRC.   Baby Carlos Lee has been brought into the safety and warmth of the local orphanage. Poor Carlos was found left abandoned with his mother who tragically died. Although this story is incredibly upsetting, Carlos now has a bright and healthy future ahead of him with the orphanage.     The Congo project now has three social entrepreneurship programmes underway. maize farming (photo above), 6 hectares, bean farming and potato farming. Sewing Workshop for childrens clothes and educational uniforms. A chicken farm for…

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Fatima Villas Nutrition Day Community Blog 

Fatima Villas Nutrition Day

Our brain requires a good amount of nutrients to function. Many essential vitamins and minerals regulate the health of the human brain. These nutrients help us in performing our daily tasks. At a growing age, children need a diet containing a balanced amount of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. However, a lot of children all over the world do not get the diet necessary for their growth. World Vision School is located in Fatima Villas. Most of the students there come from underprivileged families who cannot afford a healthy meal…

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Education in the Congo Community Blog 

Education in the Congo

Secondary school children starting their first year. Skip It Community funding has contributed towards their educational costs.     The children full of smiles at the orphanage. Skip It Community funding is contributing to their health care.   A photo from outside the orphanage; the girls and boys dormitories have been completed, security walls close to full build and our vegetable and fruit patch.

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Lotus On Air Community Blog Health & Fitness Blog 

Lotus On Air

We are delighted to be partnering with Lotus on Air! For every product bought with LOA a percentage of their sales will go towards our community projects. Please also keep an eye out for other exciting work with LOA including their upcoming LOA female leadership programme partnering with Fiore Community.       Lotus On Air is a high-fashion activewear and fitness brandĀ featuring Fashion Fitness Styles designs inspired by theĀ 7 Chakras. Founded in London, UK by actress Andrea Vasiliou, a fitness enthusiast and an advocate for healthy living and eating….

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Democratic Republic of the Congo Community Blog 

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Skip It Community is very proud and honored to be partnering with Fondazione Cariello Corbino to help children in the village Rumangabo, north Kivu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Above the children celebrating their new land. Above the children in front of their new building and home. Above UK partner and volunteer Lee Simms with the children. Above the Director Alberto Corbino. Above is a wonderful lady called Passy who runs the childrens centre with one of the volunteers from Virunga National Park. Please keep posted on our…

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